The Friends of Levitt San Jose has one mission: 50 free, family-friendly concerts each spring and summer in historic Saint James Park.

The Levitt Pavilion San Jose will join the community of Levitt Pavilions from around the USA, which have brought music to forgotten and neglected public spaces around the USA.

The Mortimer and Mimi Levitt Foundation has a national track record of partnering with cities and local groups to transform outdoor spaces into welcoming destinations where free, live music brings people together and invigorates community life.

The Friends of Levitt San Jose selected Saint James Park as the location of the pavilion because it fits with the goals of the Levitt Foundation. The park has been dealing with significant social issues for many years. There is significant local political and community support for the project as well as The Levitt Pavilion San Jose is a key feature in the the City of San Jose’s master plan to revitalize Saint James Park. The Friends of Levitt San Jose are a non-profit group of San Jose residents with the goal of bringing music and families back to our park.